Blockchain based MASINT solutions.

Warlox is a research and development firm based in Dallas, TX. Warlox uses proprietary instruments for taking electronic measurements and software with powerful machine learning algorithms to provide the ability to geolocate targets based on fluctuations in electronic signature inputs and by cross referencing these inputs with an amalgamation of different types of digital fingerprints stored on a private blockchain. These services are made available to the thriving US private military industry.


Proprietary Devices and Instruments

We create a method of standardization that allows us to take stimuli from a variety of analog, digital, and even OSINT sources and connect the dots regardless of whether there is any tangible digital translation method.

Our AI takes in input and creates a “hieroglyph” of sorts in a proprietary computer pictogram language. The AI stores this in the blockchain and will compare “hieroglyphs” rather than digital inputs. For example: we could take completely unrelated inputs such as fluctuations in radio waves and compare the hieroglyph produced to the hieroglyph produced by a thermal imaging camera to produce a target match.

Gone are the days of having to farm out a deluge of intel sources to various analysts who pass this information up the chain of command to a decision maker. Now, a decision maker will receive a single page of plain text with just the raw summary of the results from the concert of intel inputs saving lives, time, and money.

Geographic Location Identification

Unique identifiers of yourself reverberate throughout decentralized blockchains, across the internet, and on video and audio media transmission. This allows us to pinpoint the exact geographic location of a target and provide this information to a client in a very clear and easy to digest format.

This geolocation service allows private military companies to be surgically precise and have valuable pre-mission intel that could help protect valuable assets and reduce collateral damage.



Augmentation of Private Military Companies

Aside from digital skiptracing services, Warlox partners with private military companies to provide holistic cybersecurity consulting, blockchain integration, and dynamic Red Teaming.

We understand the modern operator’s need for privacy, especially in the digital age. After all, we’re in the business of finding people who don’t want to be found. We can help your operators remove their digital signature from the internet completely and thoroughly. If we can’t find your operator digitally, no one can.

We also help transition PMC's from traditional digital communications and data storage techniques to centralized, "permissioned" blockchains and blockchain based applications customized for the needs of each individual company.